About rachelle

Actually, it’s pronounced like “Rachel” – don’t worry, everyone does that. I am the big red hair filled with bigger ideas behind Embracing the Process. I teach women to cultivate self-love and mind and body fitness through healthy practices and mindset changes.

I completed a minor in Exercise Science in undergrad with coursework in nutrition, exercise prescription and physiology, and group exercise instruction through the ACSM. I’m a pole dancer and aerialist, a 200 hour yoga teacher, Scottish Highland games athlete, burlesque performer, lifting enthusiast, and wordsmith.

However, my real expertise on the subject of health and fitness came from first hand experience. As an overweight person for a good majority of my life, I found my love of exercise and lost a significant amount of weight. My quest for health became unhealthy when I overexercised and began battling an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. I chased the illusion of perfection, an unattainable goal. My self-worth was tied to my appearance. From years of hating my body, I finally broke free of the entanglement when I gave myself the compassion I’ve need the whole time. I’ve overcome so much with my self-esteem and body. Now,  my hope is that my story of struggle and success inspires others to do the same.


I’ve combined my love of writing and my experiential knowledge about self-confidence, body image, strength, and happiness. I’m here to advocate for strong women, both in physical strength and convictions. This blog includes tips about nutrition and exercise and gives you the navigation guide toward self-love through mindset and action. Welcome to Embracing the Process.