The Female Powerhouse: Redefining Femininity

How would you describe a “girly girl”?

Perhaps high heels, glossy lips, floral printed dresses, and strong brow game come to mind. That’s what it means to be feminine after all, right? I’m sure that not many people would contest me with that definition. While it may be a widely accepted concept, I’m going to challenge this idea.

Who decided that any of the above mentioned things are “feminine”? Many women do love getting dolled up in makeup and the latest fashions. However, women who don’t love these things should still be considered feminine. Femininity is defined as the quality of being female. One’s womanliness. With this in mind, all women are inherently feminine simply because they are female. Yet, that’s not how most of us view femininity.

We default to labeling ourselves and others because we think it gives us a snapshot of who they are. The problem is that humans are so complex that we never can perfectly fit these molds. This only complicates the matter; I’ll use myself as an example.

I am a pole dancer.


Yes, I am the heel-clacking, body-rolling, hair-flipping chick. These tricks require discipline and grace to execute them properly and to look sexy while doing them. This label of mine fits the traditional concept of femininity.

But, I’m also a Scottish Highland Games athlete.


A male dominated sport, the Scottish Highland games require strength and skill to throw things as far or as high as you can. It’s sweaty, tiring, and the grunting during a throw isn’t exactly cute. Despite all this, I still call myself feminine. My or any other woman’s ability to throw a telephone pole does not diminish our femininity. In fact, it does the opposite.

These labels reinforce idea of a strong woman, or as I like to call it, the female powerhouse. A female powerhouse is a someone who is confident in who she is, driven to pursue progress not perfection, and who embraces the process of fitness goals and of life.

They accept that they can be both a pole dancer and a Highland games athlete. They indulge in girls’ night with endless wine, but they also crave a weight-smashing workout. They know when they need take charge and be assertive, yet they know when to let go and be vulnerable.

None of these characteristics lessens another; we are multifaceted beings. Your womanliness cannot be decided by anyone except for you. Do whatever serves you, and become who you want to be. Let’s redefine femininity.

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